[CES 2023] MSI announced its CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Wireless gaming mouse

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[CES 2023] MSI announced its CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Wireless gaming mouse

MSI is one of the top names in the gaming industry and one of the leading makers of gaming peripherals, laptops and PCs. The company is known for churning out some great-looking and excellent-performing devices. As we close in on CES 2023, MSI has unveiled its CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Wireless and CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Wired mice.

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As the successor of the award-winning CLUTCH GM41 Lightweight Wireless, the CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Wireless is a better fit for gamers with small to medium-sized hands. This new mouse is packed with many features, including state-of-the-art low-latency wireless technology, up to 110 hours of battery life, a charging dock, and other elements that gamers will appreciate.

It utilizes the same lightweight plastic material as its predecessor and weighs in at an ultra-light 73g. This should help gamers with fast movement and can deliver outstanding gameplay with each move. The small ergonomic chassis makes the mouse a better choice for gamers with small to medium-sized hands and provides excellent comfort in most grip styles. It also features gaming-grade 100% pure PTFE mouse skates, which have a single-directional surface texture and double-cut edges that make each movement faster and more precise.

Sporting the latest 2.4G wireless technology, the CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Wireless transmits inputs at just 1ms speeds resulting in smooth and stable mouse movement throughout the competition. Battery life lasts up to 110 hours on a full charge. The included charging dock allows a convenient and user-friendly charging experience by easily stationing the mouse on it.

Gamers can return to the game faster by charging the mouse for 10 minutes to get up to 7 hours of battery life. Alternatively, they can continue playing by connecting the USB-C cable directly to the mouse. The provided battery lifetimes may vary depending on usage and environmental conditions. Here are more of the features you can expect.

MSI CLUTCH Lightweight Wireless

  • PIXART PAW3311 sensor
  • Up to 12000 DPI, sensitivity / 35G acceleration / 300 IPS tracking
  • OMRON switches are rated for over 60 million clicks
  • 73-gram total mouse weight
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life with 10 minute recharge time
  • Right-handed Ergonomic small chassis design
  • MSI Center software support allows for customization, including RGB light
  • Charging dock, USB wireless 2.4G transmitter dongle, and FRIXIONFREE Type C to Type A cable included

This new mouse can be purchased on Amazon for $69.99, and more information can be found on MSI’s website.

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Last Updated on December 22, 2022.


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