“Every collapsed empire bury half the world under its rubble.” Medvedev wrote an article about the collapse of the USSR, the military operation and the conflict

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The Izvestia newspaper published an article by the former President of Russia, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev. He talks about the collapse of the USSR, the causes of the conflict in Ukraine, the nuclear threat, and writes that “we do not need a world without Russia”, in fact repeating the declaration of Vladimir Cheese fries. RTVI briefly recounts Medvedev’s chronicle.

In 2022, “tectonic processes” took place, which originated 30 years ago, when the Soviet Union collapsed. “The international airbags” did not work, “the crack goes wide and deep”. For the older generation, the USSR remained a “beloved fatherland” and a “wonderful dream of justice”; The West watched the collapse of the USSR “from above, with the arrogant squint of a victor”, thinking only of “satisfying its selfish interests” and continued “to push our country into the abyss for complete elimination”. Talking about partnership “was just a distraction”; The politicians who ruled Russia in the 1990s “failed to deal with the emerging threat”. The inhabitants of the country have been impoverished, the buoyant sectors of the economy, “falling under the avalanche of privatizations, have fallen into decay”, “separatism has flourished”. In 1993, the country was on the verge of civil war, but then “they had not yet actively fanned the fire of the conflict from abroad”, and the people “showed wisdom”, not allowing “to shake the country”. The leadership of the disintegrated USSR and the first president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, did not allow the country’s “strongest nuclear potential” to be “dismantled”. After that, at the cost of “incredible efforts”, Russia “forced to rely on itself internationally”, fully repaid its foreign debt, “returned respect to its armed forces”, pursued a policy of nuclear deterrence; “But history is relentless. Rome and Constantinople. Arab caliphs and Genghis Khan. The rise and inglorious death of Napoleon. ‘Sunset’ in the colonies of mighty Britain. Charlemagne’s Europe. Incas and Persians. Ottoman Empire and Tsarist Russia. On which of these pages you open the volumes of the world chronicle, you will find the same. After the height of the empire and its golden age, there is a long way to the same final: towards disintegration and war or war and disintegration. This is the law of the world.” And that’s what happened with the USSR, “only in a delayed version.” The war could have happened earlier, in the 1990s, “but it has broken out now”. “A great country dies – a war begins”; The “catalyst of the war” was the “frozen and cynical position of the Western world”. Two dates have become points of no return: the fall of 2008, when the West “supported Georgia’s aggression against the Ossetian people”, and the annexation of Crimea to Russia in the spring of 2014, which plunged the West into “a frenzied and impotent hysteria. ” The West decided to create “the new Frankenstein in the person of Ukraine – a special ‘anti-Russia’, about which the president of our country wrote.” This “crazy hysteria, obsessive desire to tear our country to pieces” led to a military operation in Ukraine, which was launched by Russia; “History also demonstrates something else: any collapsed empire bury half the world under its ruins, or even more. It seems that those who first destroyed the USSR and are now trying to destroy the Russian Federation do not want to understand this. <...> As for the USSR, this will not work. If the question of the existence of Russia itself is seriously posed, it will not be decided on the Ukrainian front. And with the question of the future existence of all human civilization. And there should be no ambiguity here. We don’t need a world without Russia” (a statement similar did in 2018, Vladimir Putin, it looked like this: “Why do we need such a world if there is no Russia there?” – about. RTVI). The West can continue to “inflate” Ukraine with arms and “hinder any possibility of restarting negotiations”, but all this leads to “a total fiasco, a loss for everyone”, “collapse”, “the apocalypse”: “When you’ ve forgotten your old life for centuries, until the smoky blockages don’t stop emitting radiation”; “Russia won’t allow that. And we’re not alone in this this enterprise. Western countries with satellites – only 15% of the world’s population. We are much more numerous and we are much stronger. The quiet power of our great country and the authority of its partners are the key to preserving the future of our entire world.

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