Hallie Jackson Exits MSNBC as Part of Dayside Programming Changes

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Hallie Jackson Exits MSNBC as Part of Dayside Programming Changes

Roughly 24 hours after CNN announced a revamp of its daytime schedule, MSNBC made a similar announcement.

HallieJacksonwho has been anchoring MSNBC’s 3 pm hour, is leaving the cable channel and taking on an expanded role at NBC News Now, where she’ll host a two-hour streaming program.

According to NBC News Now executive in charge Janelle RodriguezHallie Jackson Now will stream weekdays from 5-7 pm ET before a live toss to Tom Llamasfollowed by the recently-announced 8 pm offering Now Tonight with Girl Schwartz.

Jackson’s expanded role at the ad-supported streaming network makes sense. Variety’s Brian Steinbergwho broke the news Thursday afternoon, reports that on-demand episodes of Jackson’s existing NBC News Now streaming program have generated the strongest Watch times of any show on the outlet, according to NBCU data.

Katy Tour will move from 2 pm to 3 pm, and Chris Jansingthe MSNBC mainstay who currently leads the network’s 1 pm hour, will now lead the 1-3 pm time period before a live toss to Tour.

plus, José Diaz-Balart is vacating the 10 am to the 11 am ET hour on MSNBC. The 10 am hour will have a rotating lineup of hosts until a new anchor is named, which we hear could eventually become former CNN anchor Ana Cabrera.

Andrea Mitchell will continue to host Andrea Mitchell Reports weekdays at Noon ET.

The 10 am-3 pm weekday block will continue to be known as MSNBC Reports.

plus, Katie Phang will kick off the live weekend programming schedule at 8 am ET. She’ll be followed by Sunday host and frequent weekday primetime fill-in Jonathan Capehart at 9am ET. Ali Velshi will anchor Velshi on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am-12 pm ET.

The programming moves at MSNBC will go into effect on February 13 for weekday programs and February 18 for weekend programs, MSNBC chief Rashida Jones said in an internal memo.


I’m pleased to share some programming changes that will strengthen our lineup and better position the network for future success.

We’re shifting our weekday daytime MSNBC Reports programming beginning Monday, February 13.

  • HallieJacksonwho has masterfully helmeted the 3pm hour of MSNBC Reports, is further expanding her role with NBC News and her footprint on NBC News NOW. She will focus her daily anchoring on streaming with an added hour of Hallie Jackson NOW, signifying the News Group’s continued commitment to streaming. Read more in this note from Janelle.
  • A centerpiece of MSNBC’s breaking news coverage for more than 20 years, Chris Jansing will build on her decades-long commitment to trusted, reliable journalism for an expanded two hours of Chris Jansing Reports from 1pm to 3pm.
  • plus, José Diaz-Balart will slide to 11am. Andrea Mitchell will continue to hold the fort at noon and Katy Tour will anchor the 3pm. The 10am will have a rotating lineup of hosts until a new anchor is named.

We’re also adjusting our weekend mornings beginning Saturday, February 18.

  • Live programming will now begin with Katie Phang at 8am.
  • Jonathan Capehartwill bring his beltway expertise to MSNBC viewers on both Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 9am.
  • Ali Velshi,who continues to provide critical on-the-ground reporting from across the nation and abroad, will now be the anchor Velshi on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 12pm.

We are working diligently to create a smooth transition. I want to thank all of you for your effort and dedication as we embark on a new chapter.

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