Hillary is not alone. Democrats worry about Biden’s health

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A member of the US Democratic Party, to which Biden belongs, speaks to ‘Sky News Arabia’ about concerns in party halls over Biden’s re-nomination, due to his “deteriorating state of health”.

The debate escalates in the United States over Biden’s age, each time he makes a statement showing his bad memory or falls to the ground by stumbling, as happened a few days ago during the G7 summit in Japan.

America’s Greatest President

In the words of a member of the Democratic Party, Mahdi Afifi, Biden’s health has deteriorated recently, and there are primarily concerns that he “fails to fulfill his duties”.

If Biden wins the 2024 election, he will be the oldest president in US history, says Afifi.

In response to what is said that the United States is a “state of institutions” and is not very affected by the conditions of the president, Afifi replies that it is a country of institutions, “but the presidential decision affects many of these institutions.

What if Biden ‘falls’ in second terms

Concerns for Biden’s life extend until he faces death or becomes ill to the extent that he is unable to perform his duties.

Afifi reveals unstated concern within the party that ‘Biden will fall during his reign’; Which will affect the United States and the whole world.

This is because if this happens, “financial markets and the global economy will be affected, and the position of the United States in the world will be shaken.”

Paradox between Trump and Biden

Despite their similar ages, Biden’s age was the subject of mockery from Trump during their first run for the presidency in 2020.

At that time, Trump posted a fabricated photo of Biden in a wheelchair among a group of elderly people in a nursing home, with a comment that Biden should retire and not be president.

Currently, Trump is 76, while Biden is 80, and both are among the oldest presidents the United States has ever seen.

Comments from Biden and Hillary

Recently, Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate, entered Trump in the 2016 election, about to comment on Biden’s age, saying voters have a right to be concerned. .

At a conference in Washington, Hillary commented on Biden’s stumble at the G7 summit in Japan: “His age is an issue, and people have every right to be concerned about it.”

Hillary, now 76, was 70 when she ran for president.

However, Hillary hoped the US President would remain very focused and competitive in the election as she believed he could be re-elected.

On the other hand, Biden sees his old age as an advantage rather than a flaw, saying in statements to MSNBC in late April, “I have acquired a lot of wisdom and I know more than the vast majority of people.”

Biden, a Democrat who will be 86 at the end of a second term, added: “I’m more experienced than anyone who’s ever run for (presidential) office. And I think I’ve proven that I’ve been honorable. and competent too.”

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