New Rainbow Six Siege operator Brava turns enemy gadgets on them

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Bringing the fire to Year 8 Season 1, new Rainbow Six Siege operator Brava hails from the heart of Brazil and uses her hacking skills to turn enemy gear against them in Ubisoft’s FPS game. Sounds fun, right? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the latest addition to the Rainbow Six Siege squad.

Brava is the last member of Viperstrike, an elite squad of technical support experts led by a ruthless Japanese operator, Hibana. The Brazilian tech queen pilots a small, tank-like drone called ‘Kludge’ (effectively an anti-drone rifle) which has the ability to hack enemy utilities.

Specifically homing on on electrical devices, the drone can either destroy them from afar by overheating them, or turn them against their makers, using them to the advantage of Brava’s team.

She also brought two primary weapons to the table in the form of the PARA-308 and CAMRS. The first is a high damage AR that sacrifices fire rate for power, while the second is a DMR that’s perfect for lining up your sights. In terms of secondaries, the Super Shorty is a high-damage sawed-off shotgun, and the USP40 is the perfect quick-action pistol.

These options will allow you to really play Brava in a different way. Her weapons are supported by claymores and smoke grenades, the former being incredibly important for protection given how much time you’ll be spending on your drones.

A small tank-like drone in a warehouse with the sun shining in through slatted windows

She’ll also be a three speed operator, making her the perfect rusher when combined with the PARA-308 and Super Shorty, but that’s a high risk option given she’s only got 100 HP. Instead, it’s probably worth considering fighting from afar and using her speed to help out tankier operators.

To top it all off, did I mention she also has a Capybara badge on her uniform. Sold yet? I am.

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As someone who loves to play sneaky saboteurs (Lesion specifically), Brava is right up my street. While my time during the hands-on preview has been pretty depressing (turns out I’m not as good at Siege as I once was!) she is so much fun to play, and really provides a new level of utility to the team. Combining her with IQ is a blast (literally), and I can’t wait to see what happens when she makes it onto live servers.

In the meantime, though, it’s worth checking out some other multiplayer games to test your aim on some unfortunate enemies, or some other war games to get in the spirit of all things R6.

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