The Clever Countertop Gadget To Keep Bananas Fresh Longer

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You’ve probably seen bananas hanging from a banana hanger before. It looks like a little stand with a hook at the end that you’re supposed to hang your bananas off of. What exactly is the purpose of this? Is it for display purposes? Does it trigger some kind of primal human memory of reaching out from a tree limb to grab a banana right off the neighboring tree? All good guesses, but the true answer has more to do with airflow.

While a banana hanger may seem like another quirky kitchen appliance, its design actually helps to contribute to keeping the bananas fresher. By keeping the bananas suspended in mid-air, there’s much more movement of water around the bananas than there is when they’re placed on the counter. This helps prevent the build-up of ethylene gas that could settle around the bananas, thereby slowing down the ripening process. Another bonus is that the banana hanger prevents the fruit from being damaged or bruised, which can also help hasten the ripening process. However, the key focus of the banana hanger is keeping the bananas away from other objects and free from any obstructions that could allow the build-up of ethylene gas.

A banana hanger is available at most grocery stores and is relatively cheap to buy. You can also hang your bananas from a cabinet hook if you have one, which will work just fine in keeping unobstructed airflow around the bananas.

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