What is ‘look who just died’ scam on Facebook that is locking users out of their accounts

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There’s a new Facebook scam spreading. Researchers have warned users about the “look who just died” scam. In this, a hacker takes control of a Facebook account and sends a message to the person’s contacts. Here’s all you need to know about this scam and how it works.

What does the message read


What does the message read

The message says, “Look who just died,” and contains a link that seems to lead to a news article about the person’s death. The message may include phrases like “So sad” or “I know you know him/her” to make the recipient think that the deceased was a famous person or someone they know personally.

Why is it risky


Why is it risky

Clicking on such links can lead to malware and put personal information at risk.

How does the look who just died scam works


How does the ‘look who just died’ scam work

Scammers may ask for Facebook login details, which can lead to account access and potential theft of financial information. Fake news links may also install malware on the device, giving hackers access to personal data.

How your friends may also be at risk


How your friends may also be at risk

Once the hacker gains control of your account, they can lock you out and then send similar messages to your friends from your account.

Look who just died scam not limited to Facebook


‘Look who just died’ scam is not limited to Facebook

This scam is usually happening on Facebook Messenger, but you may also receive such messages as text or email.

How can you stay safe


How can you stay safe

Don’t click suspicious links. Talk to your friend to confirm if it’s real. Also, keep your devices and software updated and use antivirus/anti-malware, and enable malware detection in your browser.

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