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Meta takes a risk and releases BlenderBot, a next-generation type of AI chatbot

Conversational AI is one of the hottest trends of the decade. As

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On-demand App Development Like Uber 2022 Checklist

The Modus Operandi Before we talk about the comprehensive features, try to


Maria Telkes: Why Google honors her immediately | Science and Expertise Information

Telkes was an modern scientist acknowledged for her contributions to photo voltaic

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Meta releases ‘human-like’ AI image creation models

Meta Platforms said on Tuesday that it would provide researchers with access

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With no big customers named, AMD’s AI chip challenge to Nvidia remains uphill fight

[1/2] AMD Chief Executive Lisa Su and Amazon Web Services Vice President

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Microsoft, Google strategy to test AI search ads irks some brands

[1/2] Google, Microsoft and Alphabet logos and AI Artificial Intelligence words are

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