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Travel is all about technology, from GPS and Waze, to Airbnb and, well, airplanes. But beyond these basics? That’s when it becomes essential to equip yourself. During the busy summer travel season, the right gear can keep you hydrated, ventilated, and entertained, allowing you to easily relax into a Nantucket beach vacation, or insulate you from the worst insults of a red-eye to Omaha.

Technology starts low. As in—below the waist. Yes, flying in a suit in the 1960s was glamorous, but who wants to sweat through tweed? Instead, try the ventilated support of Lululemon’s ABC Jogger WovenAir, which wicks sweat without compression. Turbulence should dress your pants with cranberry cocktail, rinse and hang-dry at the destination with the Flexo-Line travel clothesline, which can be strung across short of the San Francisco Bay. Finally, fortify your baggage with a TSA-approved lock and a Cincha travel belt, which guarantees your tote bag won’t spill its guts—and the $50 SPF inside it—on the jetway. Now, here’s the high tech.

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