Best Gadgets for Adults With ADHD in 2023

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If you suffer from ADHD, chances are, you might have difficulty not only with paying attention but also with your memory. Thankfully there are plenty of gadgets out there that can save you a ton of time looking for your keys, phone, or whatever else you happen to have lost today.

From solar power banks for when you forget your charger, to tech that helps you organize your day, there’s something for everyone. It’s much easier to manage your day when you have a smartwatch on your wrist or a smart display on the wall, reminding you of that appointment or meeting at the back of your mind. These gadgets can help bring a little order into your life.

Here are some of the best gadgets for adults with ADHD available today.

Take Control of Your ADHD With These Gadgets and Smart Devices

Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe

Best Overalls

Relax with a book, or keep notes on the go

The Kindle Scribe is perfect for reading your favorite books and keeping organized with handy notes. Complete with a 10.2-inch, 300ppi, glare-free display, it’s also easy on the eyes.


  • Includes magnetic pen with eraser
  • Easily add handwritten notes to your books
  • Annotate documents and share via iOS or Android
  • Multiple storage options from 16GB to 64GB

It can often be difficult to keep track of all your ideas, especially for adults with ADHD. The Kindle Scribe is the perfect way to ensure that you never forget any of those good ideas, simply jot them down as you go, and come back to them when you have more time.

Not only can you keep detailed notes, but you can also create journals and lists, as well as even make notes on some of your favorite books. With the premium pen, it feels as natural as writing with pen and paper, making it easier than ever to keep notes, even while on the go.

With a battery designed to last for months, and a pen that never needs charging, the Kindle Scribe is perfect for those who don’t want to lug a charger around with them, or simply tend to forget to bring it with them.

Google Pixel Watch-1

Google Pixel Watch (Wi-Fi)


Organization and fitness all in one

$300 $380 Save $80

The Google Pixel Watch is a smartwatch and fitness tracker rolled into one. With tons of apps from the Google Play store, as well as compatibility with Fitbit Premium, there’s not much it can’t do.


  • Choice of stylish colors
  • Third-party app compatibility
  • Tons of fitness features
  • Voice assistant compatible

  • Not compatible with iPhones

Smartwatches are a great tool to keep you organized as well as fit and healthy. The Google Pixel Watch includes features such as Google Assistant and the Google Play Store on top of all the other impressive features you would expect from a device created by one of the world’s leading tech giants.

The Google Pixel Watch comes with six months of Fitbit Premium included, making it easier than ever to get into shape. With tracking for all your fitness routines, as well as tons of sensors to monitor your overall health, it’s ideal for those looking to set a routine and get in shape.

Thanks to the built-in sleep-tracking features, the Google Pixel Watch can also help adults with ADHD who have issues getting a good night’s rest. Not only does the watch monitor your sleep, but it also records your sleep stages and offers detailed feedback on how you can improve your sleep health, too.

Tile Mate (2022)

Tile Mate (2022)

Best Tracker

Never lose your valuables again

The Tile Mate (2022) is a Bluetooth tracker, designed to help you keep track of your valuables and ensure you never lose them again. Compatible with both Android and iPhone, premium monthly and yearly plans are available in the Tile: Making Things Findable app that offer improved tracking capabilities.


  • 250 ft Bluetooth range
  • IP67 water resistance rated
  • find your phone feature

  • Some features require a subscription

The Tile Mate (2022) is the perfect gadget for those who tend to lose their belongings. Attach the Tile Mate to your keys, place it inside your wallet, or attach it to anything else you often lose.

Not only can you use the Tile Mate to help you find your gadgets, but simply pressing the Tile Mate twice will force your phone to ring, helping you find your phone too.

The Tile Mate features a three-year non-replaceable battery, a 250ft Bluetooth range, and an IP67 water resistance rating. Upgrading to the premium plan offers smart notifications if you leave your tiled item behind, as well as item reimbursement if you cannot find your item with the help of your Tile Mate.

verilux happy light touch plus

Verilux HappyLight Touch Plus

Most Calming

A 10,000 lux therapy lamp with adjustable brightness

This full spectrum light delivers 10,000 lux, 3 brightness levels, and 2 color temperature options.

There’s a timer function, too, allowing you to adjust the brightness to offer you natural light therapy when you need it.


  • Can help with a range of health conditions
  • Popular and recognized brand
  • not too expensive

  • Controls aren’t very intuitive

Anxiety, depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder; these are just some of the health conditions that light therapy lamps like the Verilux HappyLight Touch Plus can help with. With up to 10,000 lux, adjustable brightness, and adjustable color temperatures, you can customize your experience to suit your mood and energy levels.

Thanks to the lightweight and portable nature of the Verilux HappyLight Touch Plus, it’s easy to take the tablet design with you wherever you go. Whether you need it in different rooms or while traveling, you can lift your mood no matter where you are.

Get your daily dose of natural light with Verilux HappyLight Touch Plus’s 144 LED lights. These are UV-free, so they’re safe to use whenever you need a boost of energy. Similarly, the Verilux HappyLight Touch Plus can help instill a natural sleep routine, so you can enjoy a regular sleep/wake pattern.

Swallowmall AirTag Wallet

Swallowmall AirTag Wallet


An RFID-blocking wallet with AirTag holder

If you have an Apple AirTag, you may feel more confident in using it if you have a safe and secure location to keep it in. Something like the Swallowmall AirTag Wallet.

With an ID window, space for 16 credit cards, and a choice of colors, this RFID-blocking leather wallet is a great choice if you struggle to remember where you put your items.

Forgetting where you put your keys, wallet, and phone tends to be a common issue in adults with ADHD. So, instead of feeling anxious or stressed when you can’t remember where you left your wallet, you can invest in something like the Swallowmall AirTag Wallet.

This wallet has a handy slot where you can place your Apple AirTag. It’s extremely secure, so if you can’t remember where your wallet is, you can simply use Apple’s Find My app to track your wallet down.

But, in addition to its handy AirTag slot, this wallet is RFID-blocking. Contactless cards will be safer in the Swallowmall AirTag Wallet compared to a non-RFID-blocking wallet. There’s also room for plenty of cards, cash, coins, and your ID.

ninja foodi mc1001

Ninja Foodi MC1001

Best For Cooking

8-in-1 multi-cooker with glass lid and spoon

The Ninja Foodi MC1001 is an 8-in-1 multi-cooker that offers intuitive controls that are easy to use. Simply place your food into the cooker, select the correct function and time, and away you go.

Forgetting you’ve left the oven on will be a thing of the past. Now you can show off your cooking skills to the whole family without having to worry.


  • Covers a range of cooking methods
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 8.5-quart capacity

The Ninja Foodi MC1001 offers a world of possibilities for adults with ADHD. Having too many thoughts and forgetting important tasks can happen quite often to those with ADHD, so the last thing you’ll want to do is put a meal in the oven and forget it’s in there.

With the Ninja Foodi MC1001, you can forget it’s there, without burning your food. This multi-cooker replaces 14 cooking tools and appliances, meaning everything you need is in one place.

Simply set your recipe to the correct cooking function, eg slow cook, sear/saute, steam, etc., then set the timer. That’s one less thing to worry about, but the result nets you a fantastic meal when the time’s up.

Echo Show 10

Echo Show 10

Best For Reminders

Smart display with 10-inch screen supported by Alexa

The Echo Show 10 is more than just a smart display. It offers up a world of possibilities with motion controls, live camera feeds, a built-in speaker, and more. Stay connected with friends and family, view your shopping list, and never miss a calendar appointment with Alexa by your side.


  • Shopping lists, to-do lists, and more
  • Decent built-in speakers
  • Can monitor other smart home equipment

Chat with your friends and family via video call with the Echo Show 10. Thanks to its auto-framing and motion features, the Echo Show 10 will keep you in the frame, even if you’re moving around.

There’s a plethora of entertainment options too, including access to Netflix, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. But aside from entertainment, the Echo Show 10 is incredibly useful to have around.

If you tend to forget what you need to get to the grocery store, who you’re meeting and where, or even when you need to attend an event, Alexa can remind you.

Blavor Qi Wireless Solar Power Bank

Blavor Qi Wireless Solar Power Bank

Best For Charging Devices

Heavy duty battery pack with solar capabilities

Packing a 20,000mAh battery that can be powered up by solar power, the Blavor Qi Wireless Solar Power Bank comes equipped with fast charging ports, wireless charging, and a flashlight. This handy battery bank is IPX5 waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, too, so it’s ideal for outdoor adventures.


  • Fast charging and wireless charging
  • Flash included
  • Durable and widely compatible

Adults with ADHD often have multiple thoughts at once, which can lead to forgetfulness. If you forget to charge your phone, tablet, or other device, you may find the BLAVOR Solar Power Bank a handy travel companion.

This power bank features a 20,000mAh battery, 18W output, wireless charging, fast charging, and even a flashlight. Rather than having to remember to keep all your devices charged, the BLAVOR Solar Power Bank can do it all for you.

And, if you happen to be going outdoor adventuring, camping, or even going to the beach, the BLAVOR Solar Power Bank is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

Considerations When Choosing a Gadget for ADHD

There are several telltale signs that an adult has ADHD. Symptoms include carelessness, forgetfulness, poor organizational skills, a lack of focus, misplacing things, and struggling to maintain one task at a time. Although in some cases gadgets can be a distraction, for adults with ADHD, gadgets can also be incredibly useful.

If you tend to lose your phone, wallet or other items, it can feel really frustrating. Even more so when these devices are expensive. Gadgets like the Tile Mate (2022) tracker can attach to your keys, wallet, etc., so if you forget where you put something, you can easily track down your belongings.

The Google Pixel Watch, on the other hand, can help you feel more organized while staying on top of your fitness. Sometimes a build-up of energy can make you feel anxious or irritable. Instead, you can get into a new hobby and track your progress while remembering when it’s time to attend that important meeting.

But, for ultimate relaxation, the Kindle Scribe can come in handy when you need some downtime. And, thanks to its built-in note-taking feature, you can make notes on the go too.

Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe

Best Overalls

Relax with a book, or keep notes on the go

The Kindle Scribe is perfect for reading your favorite books and keeping organized with handy notes. With a 10.2-inch, 300ppi, glare-free display, it’s also easy on the eyes.


  • Includes magnetic pen with eraser
  • Easily add handwritten notes to your books
  • Annotate documents and share via iOS or Android
  • Multiple storage options from 16GB to 64GB

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