Cute Kitchen Gadgets on Sale

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Go on—pop a few of these cute kitchen gadgets into your cart. You’ll get a little dose of joy whenever you use them, and they’re all on sale for under $17!

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Mason Jar Measuring CupVIA MERCHANTS

As a shopping editor who focuses on finding the deepest discounts on the brands that Taste of Home readers love, I’ve seen my fair share of kitchen gadgets—and these find are certifiably the cutest kitchen gadgets online. The best part? These cute kitchen gadgets are on sale for less than $20 and won’t break the bank.

You don’t need these gadgets—but at prices as low as $5, can you really resist adding a few to your cart? They make the best gifts for home cooks. Plus, a few of the items below are editor-tested, so you know you’ll actually use them and they won’t just become kitchen decor items that line your shelves.

These cheerful finds may not be smart gadgets, but they’re available at some seriously smart prices.


The Cutest Kitchen Gadgets on Sale

Angry Mama Microwave Cleanervia merchants

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

First up is one of the best kitchen gadgets on sale. Angry Mama has seen your microwave, knows how dirty it is and comes fully prepared to clean it like a pro. She’s well worth the price at a generous discount of 44%.

Fill it up with water and lemon juice or vinegar—the Shopping Editor who reviewed the Angry Mama strongly recommends opting for lemon juice. Then, take her for a five-minute spin in the microwave. Verdict? This mama makes it easy to wipe away months (or even years) of caked-on gunk.

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