Here Are 5 Jobs at Risk of Being Replaced by AI

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AI may not be taking over the world (just yet), but it is taking over people’s jobs.

Humanity is seeing a technological boom in recent times. We went from making VR headsets more affordable and life-like to AI becoming more reliable and capable. However, we may have made AI a bit too capable – it is already replacing people in the job market and forcing those laid off to find other jobs that AI can’t replace.

Here are some jobs AI has been taking over recently:

Tech Jobs

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The people who made this intelligent AI are now being replaced by their creations. While coding and computer programming are in-demand skills, ChatGPT and similar AI tools are poised to replace people in the workplace sometime soon.

After all, AI has always been good at crunching numbers with relative accuracy, making basic coding obsolete. These jobs include developers, web developers, computer programmers, coders, and data scientists.

This fact is evidenced by the 3,900 employees laid off from the tech industry because of AI – the first to happen.

Media Jobs

5 Best AI Writing Assistants To Take Your Writing To The Next Level

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Writers, journalists, proofreaders, and advertisers are also at risk of losing their jobs thanks to AI advancements. In fact, ChatGPT and other AI tools could do tasks like reporting and writing “more efficiently than people,” per Economist Paul Krugman’s statement in a New York Times op-ed.

AI replacing writers had already begun. You may recall that a content writer lost all of his clients and was rendered jobless thanks to ChatGPT replacing him, forcing him to turn to trade work to support his family.

However, there may be some hope for those who worked in the media industry for years; CNET and other news outlets found numerous issues with AI-generated reports, such as plagiarism. Fact-checkers will be in-demand for quite some time to correct these mistakes until AI is capable of writing with originality.

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Teaching Jobs


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Teachers are the shepherds of the next generation; they’re responsible for preparing the kids of today for the challenges and rigors of the workplace and life in general, along with nurturing their talents and abilities to help them become the best they can be.

Unfortunately, they, too, could be replaced by AI in the future. You may recall that Chinese students have used AI to help them with homework and learn English faster, offering an alternative means of teaching to formal education.

Customer Service Jobs

customer service representatives

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Customer service representatives in many a company are already losing their jobs to AI thanks to ChatGPT’s conversational capabilities, which it was first programmed for. This fact is especially so for small companies and start-ups that can’t afford or don’t want to hire people for such a role.

As such, it is commonplace for many companies we buy our needs from, such as Amazon, to have AI as their customer service representative instead of actual people. In fact, “chatbots” is predicted to be the main customer service channel for around a quarter of companies within the next four years, per research company Gartner.


Accountant papers

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Surprisingly, accountants are also at risk of getting replaced by AI despite their specialized nature. According to a statement from Brett Caraway, associate professor with the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology at the University of Toronto, intellectual labor done by accountants, lawyers, and other white-collar jobs could be at risk of losing their jobs sometime in the future.

However, it won’t be as soon as others on the list. CPAs worldwide have turned to AI to augment their abilities or help them sort records and data while giving advisory services, per Finance Online. As such, accountants who embrace AI in their work will probably be more in-demand than those who don’t, per Spiceworks.

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