Here’s what Seahawks GM John Schneider said to NFL Network ahead of the draft

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Here’s what Seahawks GM John Schneider said to NFL Network ahead of the draft

NFL Network on-air host and reporter Bridget Condon spent the last couple days in Seattle and got some “inside information” on the Seattle Seahawks’ plans for the draft.

Or so she thinks.

While she did speak to John Schneider – for an on-air interview, no less. . . he didn’t exactly tell her anything the 12s didn’t already know.

Some of his phrasing is interesting though. . .

Here’s the two-minute video, followed by my personal transcription:

Bridget: First time that you have two picks in the first round since 2010 which also happens to be the first draft you and Pete Carroll had together; what is the philosophy going into tomorrow?

John: Wow. Philosophy? Just, you know, just aggressiveness, being pliable throughout the process. You know we’ll be listening to a lot of things, a lot of teams, a lot of rumors – as you know, right? so . . . but this really feels like a wide-open draft, so I think we have to be just real pliable and be able to communicate effectively.

Bridget: How do you prioritize when looking at players – the best player available versus positional needs versus a guy who might have a high upside but could be seen as a project?

John: Yeah, always balance. You know, the competitors, the person, the talent level all comes into play, as well as medical, you know all the psychological work we do, all the background checks, you know everything that goes into this. . . it’s not just you know one thing or another, it’s a huge equation that we go through for every player.

Bridget: What is the biggest discussion or debate right now going on with you and your staff?

John: You know, just kind of finalizing Player A, Player B or this scenario, that scenario, you know . . . We call it like a ‘Pick Six’ so it’s basically like ‘if this guy goes then who’s next?’ and that guy and . . . so we basically rework it so it’s not this big panic panic session, if you will, on game day. So that’s what we’re working on right now.

Bridget: A lot of different scenarios, of course, with the fifth pick; how confident are you that the guy you want at five will be there?

John: (chuckles) Not very confident! I don’t really . . . I have no idea what’s going to go on in front of us. You know, it’s been an odd year; it’s been very quiet. To your point earlier, it’s the second time we’ve picked, this is the highest we’ve picked you know since we’ve been here, so you know trying to figure out what everyone is doing is pretty interesting, and especially this year because it seems like you know, there’s a very wide, wide variety of opinions on every player.

Bridget: thank you

John: Yeah, appreciate it. Have a good one.

Here are a few more Seahawks and/or Seattle-specific tweets and video clips from Bridget Condon’s Twitter feed. No transcriptions though.

Answer: Yes, yes it is!

Go’ Hawks!

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