Innuos announces PULSAR: a flagship network streamer

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Ahead of its first public demonstration at AXPONA 2023, Innuos has officially announced its PULSAR network streamer, almost a full year after first teasing it at Munich High-End 2022.

PULSAR is the Portuguese company’s flagship network streamer – sitting above the PULSEmini and PULSE in the PULSE range of products – and is aimed at those already in possession of a music server.

The PULSAR delivers digital audio into any USB-equipped DAC. To wit, PULSAR offers an optimized USB output that incorporates a lite version of Innuos’s Phoenix USB re-clocker and is powered by its own custom CX regulator for a “smooth yet fast and detailed sound”.

This high-end network streamer also accommodates a custom ARC6 power supply module with active rectification, 130000+ µF worth of Mundorf capacitors and a large 3000VA toroidal transformer.

The internal innuOS operating system – network accessible via Innuos’s Tidal and Qobuz-enabled Sense iOS/Android app – runs on an internal SSD, which, according to the press release, has been upgraded to a single-level cell module for “the best durability and lower operating power noise”. And like the Phoenix-reclocked USB output, the SSD is also juiced by its own custom CX Regulator module.

Roon Readiness and Logitech Media Center accessibility are also part of PULSAR’s feature set.

PULSAR will be on sale shortly for €5499.

Further information: Innuos

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