Irish woman jailed over hotel scandal with Ukrainian refugees

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An Irish resident has been convicted over a scandal with Ukrainian refugees at the Munster Arms hotel in the town of Bandon. The district court sentenced Margaret Buttimer to four months in prison for abusive behavior and disobeying police officers. This was reported by The Irish Times.

According to the publication, after learning that the hotel had Ukrainian guests. Margaret started talking in a loud voice with the administrator. She tried to find out how many Ukrainians live in the hotel and how much it costs the budget of Ireland.

Battimer also called Ukrainians “rapists and criminals”. The hotel staff asked the woman to stop the scandal, and when that failed, they called the police. But even then, the Irish girl didn’t want to leave the hotel.

Journalists discovered that Battimer, 68, has no fixed place of residence. The woman staged a scandal with two goals – to show her displeasure with the country helping foreigners, forgetting about its people, and securing a roof over her head in the near future.

It turned out that she already had 13 convictions, including scandals similar to what happened in Bandon. This time, the court ordered city authorities to resolve Battimer’s housing issue after his release.

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