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In a surprising twist at Apple Inc.’s AAPL annual WWDC 2023 event, macOS Sonoma emerged as a delightful fusion of nostalgia, echoing the iconic Microsoft Corp’s MSFT WindowsXP “Bliss” wallpapers and Windows Vista-like gadgets to the Mac ecosystem.

What Happened: At the annual WWDC 2023 event, Apple unveiled macOS Sonoma, the latest version of its desktop operating system, which surprised attendees with its nostalgic nods to Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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Sonoma’s default wallpaper, reminiscent of Windows XP’s famous “Bliss,” showcases Sonoma County’s picturesque mountains.

MacOS version 14’s new default wallpaper features animated mountains, green valleys, and a colorful sky. Meanwhile, the famous Windows XP Bliss wallpaper captured sunlit green hills in Napa Valley, representing an enduring symbol for Windows XP users.

Subsequently, the introduction of interactive “desktop widgets” harkens back to the functionality of Windows Vista gadgets, according to Windows Latest. It offers quick access to information and tools directly on the desktop/home screen, similar to the interactive widgets on iOS and iPad.

According to reports, Windows 11 will also add desktop widgets later this year, drawing inspiration from Windows Vista gadgets and utilizing existing web technologies.

Apart from desktop widgets, here are some other features that accompany macOS Sonoma:

Enhanced Browsing With Safari: Safari gets a significant update on macOS Sonoma, with enhanced privacy features for Private Browsing. Users can enjoy advanced tracking and fingerprinting protections, keeping online activities more secure. Additionally, profiles allow for organized browsing across different topics and the ability to create web apps provides a simplified and app-like browsing experience.

Elevate Your Video Conferences: With macOS Sonoma, presenting and sharing work during video conferences has become more engaging. The new Presenter Overlay video effect puts users in the spotlight by displaying them on top of the content they’re sharing, while Reactions allow users to add fun elements like balloons and confetti to express their emotions.

Screensavers for A Visual Treat: MacOS Sonoma introduces breathtaking screensavers featuring slow-motion videos of stunning locations worldwide. From the iconic skyline of Hong Kong to the mesmerizing landscapes of Monument Valley and Sonoma, these stunning visuals add an immersive touch to the Mac experience.

Gaming Experience Takes Center Stage: Apple silicon brings exceptional graphics performance to Mac, enhancing gaming experiences with remarkable visuals, long battery life, and great performance. Developers can now leverage Metal 3 and a new game porting toolkit to seamlessly bring popular titles to Mac, making gaming more accessible and immersive. Game Mode optimized performance, prioritizing CPU and GPU resources for smoother gameplay and reduced latency.

Accessibility Features For A Customizable Experience: MacOS Sonoma introduces a range of accessibility features, making Mac even more customizable for all users. From enhanced support for Made for iPhone hearing devices to Live Speech for non-speaking users and phonetic suggestions for dictation, these features cater to diverse accessibility needs.

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