Salesforce Commerce Cloud Order Management Guide

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Order Management Guide

In the current digital era, customers expect a seamless buying experience which only starts from checkout and actually ends with their receiving the order. Customers now demand fast and effortless shipping, convenient returns, and seamless order tracking to keep tabs on their purchases’ progress and delivery time.

The solution is Salesforce Order Management System, which is the core of Commerce Cloud, and manages various tasks like processing orders, receiving online payments, coordinating with suppliers, tracking orders, scheduling shipments, and handling returns. Along with order processing, the OMS also combines customer-facing systems, such as ERP, CRM, sales, service, and commerce, to enhance the post-purchase experience. By integrating it with customer service, retailers can provide timely assistance to customers, which can help prevent delays in the ordering process, ensure complete transparency of orders, facilitate quick shipping, and guarantee timely delivery.

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