Seattle author shares network building for Gen Z, social media mental health practices

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Author Yasna Vismale is a Japanese and Trinidadian American woman. “Werk Your Net,” is a guide for how to talk to anyone and accomplish your goals.

SEATTLE — A Seattle woman’s education journey and biracial experiences have sparked inspiration to help others within underrepresented communities.

Author, music composer and producer, content creator, and student Yasna Vismale is a Japanese and Trinidadian American woman.

Vismale, 23, studied religion and conducted research on sustainable development under the dean of Columbia College, James Valentini, during her undergraduate at Columbia University in New York. She was awarded the Sony Music Publishing and Bleeding Fingers Diversity Scholarship to attend USC for her master’s in Film Composition which she will be starting in September 2023.

In 2020, Vismale published, Werk YourNetto help others achieve success.

“The reality is not everyone has equitable access to the necessary tools to reach it,” Vismale said. “This stems from an inequity rooted in our networks.”

To watch a conversation with Vismale about her book and healthy social media mental health advice, click on the video player above.

Vismale’s book is a book dedicated to bridging this gap by empowering young people from marginalized communities to build their network and net worth and help industry leaders learn how to find, assess, and be more inclusive to diverse candidates.

In addition to becoming an author and composing music, Vismale found herself becoming a social media influencer by accident.

Vismale posted a “family video” including her mom. The video was “normal” to Vismale, but for others – it sparked conversations about being biracial.

Within her book, Vismale discusses the importance of staying authentic to our experiences without having to erase our heritage in the workforce, and how to speak to different people taking into account their status, background, and relationships.

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