Statements about the impending default of the US economy are playing around the world

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Reports of an impending US default may be nothing more than a provocation. Analysts have said under what conditions the country can really be ruined.

“April is usually the month when the biggest budget receipts occur, since last year’s taxes are paid that month (April 18 is the deadline). It seems that the amount of receipts was lower than expected, therefore, the money in the US Treasury accounts will run out sooner,” quotes Vzglyad Elena Belyaeva, an analyst at Freedom Finance Global.

The United States has always managed to avoid default throughout its history by raising its debt ceiling. Since 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic was raging around the world, the country’s public debt-to-GDP ratio has fallen from 107% to 128%. This year, this figure could exceed 130%.

According to the head of the analytical department of AMarkets Artem Deev, at the moment we are talking more about the possibility of a technical fault. When there is no money at a certain time, however, it is understood that they will appear later. At the same time, we cannot ignore the banking crisis and the decline in profitability in the industry. To talk about a flaw in this context is to blackmail White House lawmakers.

Oksana Kholodenko, head of the analysis and promotion department of BCS World Investments, said that for a real default, a combination of the global financial crisis with the dumping of treasury bills (US government debt) by international holders is necessary.

Previously, a number of analysts predicted that the situation with rising government debt in the United States would not be resolved due to political differences.

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