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                    New Delhi.  External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar said on Thursday that today the world, especially the Global South, sees India as a development partner and the world wants to join us.

Jaishankar told reporters on the completion of nine years of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government that India today is making a significant economic impact, which has been recognized by the world. From the time the leaders of the US came to participate in the swearing-in ceremony till date, there has been clarity on foreign policy which came in the form of knowing the world, neighborhood first, among others.

Referring to India’s contribution on the global stage, the External Affairs Minister said that India has made important contributions in various fields including economics, which includes ‘Operation Maitri’, a campaign to supply anti-Covid vaccines. He expressed India’s contribution in providing economic stability to countries Mentioning the contribution, gave the example of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis.

The External Affairs Minister said that today the world, especially the Global South, sees India as a development partner. He also said that the ‘Global South’ saw India as a reliable partner. Citing the situation on the northern border and the country’s stand against the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, Jaishankar said that India does not succumb to any pressure.

Referring to the welfare of Indians living abroad, he said that “almost every year we carry out one operation or the other.” Mentioned the operations to bring back Indian citizens. Jaishankar also mentioned India’s role in combating climate change and initiatives like the International Solar Alliance.

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