This drone 3D modeling company will pay you to test software

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SkyeBrowse, whose reality capture platform allows DJI and Autel users to create accurate 3D models at the press of a button, is looking for drone pilots to test its new software. Read on, because it’s a paid gig.

We consider SkyeBrowse to be a pretty special company because its videogrammetry software can create accurate 3D models within minutes, without any training, with a drone as no-frills as the DJI Mini 2. More than 300 organizations, and especially first responders, across the United States are utilizing this technology. And now, SkyeBrowse is gearing up to release even more exciting new software in 2023.

This is also why the company wants to collaborate with actual, on-ground drone users who can help SkyeBrowse to figure out if there are any issues with its upcoming products. Basically, you get to test out new drone software releases before they become publicly available, and you get paid in the process. The pay is $30/hour with a minimum commitment of five hours a week (and ideally more).

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The best part is there are no set parameters for how and where you need to fly. You could fly in your backyard if that’s what you like, and submit your findings in a spreadsheet provided by the company. There are a few additional perks too, including a free SkyeBrowse T-shirt and hat, getting to see your or your company’s name in an easter egg in the SkyeBrowse app, and a chance to win a handmade, engraved cigar humidor and coaster.

SkyeBrowse’s only ask is that you have access to at least two of these gadgets: a DJI drone, an Autel drone, iOS, Android, Smart Controller, and RC Plus/Pro. And if you come with previous QA software experience, that would definitely be a bonus.

Fill out this form to get started, and if you haven’t yet, try the free version of the SkyeBrowse app to generate a basic drone 3D model at zero cost.

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