This Electric Can Opener Is Trending on Amazon Right Now

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Home chefs at any skill level know that reliable kitchen gadgets can save time and energy. And, yes, that includes smaller essentials. So if you’re making a meal that includes ingredients from a can — be it a tuna for a sandwich or tomatoes for a pasta sauce — you’ll want a sturdy can opener that’s easy to use.

Start with the Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener 2.0, which is currently trending on Amazon, according to the retailer. An updated version of the brand’s previous electric can opener, this model has a tilted blade that makes it a breeze to open all kinds of cans of different shapes and sizes — that even includes cans with curved bodies.

Once the handy gadget is situated on the rim of the can, it only takes three steps to open it: Start by pushing the button, then wait for it to rotate 360 ​​degrees, and push it again to stop it. Not only does it quickly open the can — no pull tabs or hard-to-turn knobs necessary — but it also leaves smooth edges.


Buy It! Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener 2.0, $35.99;

Another standout feature? It has a built-in lid remover, so you don’t have to risk using your fingers to remove the lid. Even better, the device is equipped to fully open cans with fairly high pressure inside.

You can take your pick from seven colors, some of which include teal, blue, and red. A couple of colors are also available in a marble design. Pricing varies by color, but you can get the can opener for as little as $36 right now. Be sure to pick up four AA batteries to power it up.

More than 3,200 customers have given it a five-star rating. They say the “powerful” and “very convenient” can opener is “easy to operate,” with one reviewer calling it their “favorite kitchen gadget.”

Another shopper shared, “This opener can attach easily, cuts smoothly, and is very quick.” They also added, “I have owned several other brands and this by far beats them all!” And a third customer raved, “I love that I’m not dealing with sharp lid edges or the lid dropping into the can anymore.”

Join the droves of Amazon shoppers upgrading their kitchen essentials, and pick up the Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener 2.


Buy It! Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener 2.0, $35.99;

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