Top 5 Interesting Python Modules That Every Programmer Should Know

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Python is a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted dynamic programming language that places a strong emphasis on code readability and a Python module is a file containing Python definitions and statements, it is utilized by numerous organizations. Variables, classes, and functions can all be defined in a module. Runnable code may also be included in a module. Code that has been grouped together into modules is simpler to read and use. Plus, it organizes the code logically. Some of the python modules are inbuilt while some of them are third-party modules.

  1. Hyperclip: Python now has cross-platform copy-pasting, which was previously not possible. The copy() and paste() functions of the piperclip module allow you to send and receive text to and from your computer’s clipboard, respectively.
  2. Antigravity: This launches a web page in your browser with a humorous Python abstract created just for you. It was just included in Google App Engines as a way to amuse consumers.
  3. exit(): Calling the sys. exit() function will cause the program to end. Given that this function is located in the sys module.
  4. Urllib: Python’s URL handling module is this one. URLs can be fetched with it (Uniform Resource Locators). It can fetch URLs using a variety of different protocols and uses the uropen function.
  5. Turtles: With only a few fundamentals, some really remarkable things can be done with the Python module for drawing. There is no need to install this module because it is already included with Python.

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