‘We’re Not Saying Goodbye’: Jungkook Releases Statement About His Future In BTS

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ARMYs don’t understand what’s going on with their favorite team. Someone should go to the army, but don’t leave, some even say that there will be no group after returning from service. Rumors have now started to surface that Jungkook is leaving the group.

Jungkook himself responded to all of these conversations. It turns out that nothing critical is happening in the team right now. The guys prefer not to get into scandals at the moment and prove nothing to anyone, because they don’t have time.

“We’re just going to the army. We don’t say goodbye. The plan is that after the comeback, we will sing again and delight the fans. That’s all. We can’t make joint statements yet because Jin is already in the military and we don’t have much time. Everyone is preparing for an important stage in their life. Stop making it up, we’ve had an official statement about leaving the service. Everything else is just ARMY’s thoughts and feelings,” echoed the words of Jungkook’s friends familiar with the situation.

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