Yes, You Can Hold Parties In The Metaverse Even Without Expensive Gadgets: Here’s How

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  • Big techs like Meta and Microsoft are developing their own metaverse
  • One of the reasons why people hesitate to engage in metaverse is because it requires a VR
  • Party. Space removes this barrier and allows peple to enjoy the metaverse without the need for high-tech gadgets

Metaverse is a multi-billion dollar industry, with market watchers estimating it to grow to around $996.42 billion by 2030. Big techs like Meta and Microsoft are championing the emerging space as the ideal venue to support a new type of working environment, hybrid working. But, there is more to the metaverse than just working since the space is also ideal for holding parties and events.

Party.Space is a business-to-business (B2B) metaverse platform designed for virtual corporate events and online parties.

And, unlike other metaverse platforms that require high-tech gadgets like expensive VR headsets, events hosted via Party. Space only require participants to have a mouse and a keyboard to participate in the level-up party experience.

But how is this even possible?

International Business Times had the opportunity to talk to Party.Space founder and CEO Yurii Filipchuk to learn more about this new form of partying that removes barriers to provide users with a unique level of experience.

“We at Party.Space created a browser-based metaverse because we believe it would allow everyone to experience a virtual world without all of the current barriers in today’s market,” the CEO shared.

“You can use your browser to access a world hosted elsewhere and interact with other users from all over the globe by using their keyboard and mouse – no more special equipment is required! The person simply needs to follow the link to the space, and that’s when the party begins,” the executive explained.

Party. Space metaverse events offer a 3D environment + video communication + game mechanics to ensure that participants will not only have an unforgettable moment but also a very engaging online experience.

Party. Space metaverse platform
Party. Space

The company aims to deliver an immersive experience to its users and designs each event like a video game where participants can explore space, communicate with other participants in real-time and even perform on stage.

Party.Space also takes pride in its platform’s speed, which is a major issue when hosting events in the metaverse.

Party. Space metaverse platform
Party. Space

“The best part of our platform is speed. Our client does not need to think long about the entertainment program, options for celebrating a retreating party, or holding a conference. We have extensive experience in offering various cases for small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations,” the CEO shared.

“It’s especially relevant for the festive season, as companies like hosting Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s team buildings, or even a Chinese New Year in the metaverse. The virtual party will unite employees from all over the world in the same 3D space, which is great,” the executive further said.

Party.Space founder and CEO Yurii Filipchuk
Party. Space

Remember when Paris Hilton hosted a Halloween party dubbed Cryptoween in the metaverse?

Party. Space offers events like that one and more. Events can have a variety of features ranging from “immersive mechanics like private rooms to personal conversations, public reactions, built-in games, audience interactions with featured speakers, and so much more.”

When asked about the future of the metaverse and what the public can expect from it, the Party.Space CEO noted that the emerging space will most likely get a lot of updates and modifications in the coming years.

“The metaverse industry will face many modifications and updates in the next five years. Those who find actual value and usefulness will accumulate an audience and customers. Plus, currently lacking technologies will be developed to improve the industry,” he said.

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