10 Genius Kitchen Gadgets Cooking Pros Buy From Amazon Over and Over Again

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Whether you’re a self-proclaimed cooking expert or you just promised yourself you’d stop ordering so much takeout food, having innovative kitchen gadgets on hand can help make your life so much easier.

Best of all: Many of these nifty cooking products don’t have to be bought from specialty shops—they’re available to purchase right from Amazon and can be delivered straight to your door.

There are too many kitchen gadgets to count on Amazon, which is why we asked food experts to recommend some of their tried and true favorites. From a strawberry huller to a potato ricer, here are Amazon products kitchen experts can’t get enough of.

Swiss peeler


Make meal prep a breeze with this peeler, which can be used on everything from carrots and potatoes to butternut squash, eggplant, and more.

“A good sharp peeler that works well is very important,” says Rodney Freidankcorporate chef at Table 301. “I like to use the ones that have horizontal blades.”

A plus? This pick comes in various shades, so you’ll surely find one that matches your kitchen aesthetic.

Salt cells


Ditch that old cardboard container of salt, and instead use this eye-catching wooden salt keeper with a magnetic swivel lid to store this seasoning.

“Seasoning food properly is the difference between bland, mediocre food and delicious, memorable food,” says Freidank.

He likes to use kosher salt, but it’s really all a matter of preference.

Potato ricer


If you’ve never heard of a potato ricer, then your (cooking) life is about to change.

“My grandfather taught me to make gnocchi using a small handheld potato press called a ricer,” Freidank says. “This is perfect for making sure the cooked potato is broken up only into very uniform, very small pieces.”

He also uses this gadget to make creamy mashed potatoes without any lumps.

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Strawberry huller


Even though Mica Talmorthe chef and owner of Pomella in Oakland, CA, tries to avoid kitchen gadgets that have only one function, she describes this handy strawberry huller as a must-buy.

It quickly removes the stems of strawberries—and it works on tomatoes, too.

“In preparation for Pomella’s strawberry shortcake trifle, I hulled two cases of strawberries in 15 minutes yesterday,” she said. “It works!”

Zester graters


Zesting citrus can sometimes (literally) be a pain. because of this, Cassidy Reessera registered dietitian and owner of the Cozy Peach Kitchen blog, is quite a fan of this zester grater.

“This microplane is an easy way to add citrus zest to finished dishes,” Reeser says. “It creates a stronger flavor in dishes and cuts down on prep time.”

She also likes to use the microplane to make garlic paste.

Garlic press


Reeser also recommends this soft-handled garlic press, which she uses almost daily.

“The garlic press cuts down on prep time by cutting out the step of mincing garlic,” she says.

Plus, it is inexpensive, is easy to use, and boasts a built-in cleaner, which is music to anyone’s ears.

Spider strainer


If you like to make pasta, then you already know how much straining it can struggle sometimes. However, there’s an easy way to avoid this: the spider strainer.

“I couldn’t live without my bamboo spider strainer,” says Sophina Uong, the chef and owner of Mister Mao in New Orleans. “I love it for gnocchi and spaghetti.”

She explains that it’s a round strainer that’s excellent for getting food in and out of hot water or oil.

Be sure to also give it a whirl when making dumplings, zeppoles, and even hard-cooked eggs.

Paella pan


Chefs Brian Arrudafounder and CEO of private chef placement agency Executive Chefs at Home, loves to use this paella pan for summer cooking.

“One of my go-to kitchen appliance recommendations for summer cooking is the large-format paella pan, which works especially well for larger, family-style dining parties and makes for a beautiful presentation for guests,” he says.

Arruda shares that he usually spends the summer months working in the Hamptons for various clients, and the paella pan never fails, no matter what size you go with.

“The best part is that you can cook with it over an open flame,” he added. “It always ends up being a showstopper.”

French press


Nina Comptona James Beard winner and owner of Compere Lapin, Bywater American Bistro, and Nina’s Creole Cottage in New Orleans, suggests this handy and stylish French press to easily make delicious coffee at home.

“Getting up in the morning and making the perfect cup of coffee is a ritual that really sets how my day will go,” Compton says. “I pour it into my favorite mug and put on some great tunes. A French press takes a regular cup of coffee to a magical cup of coffee.”

Meat tenderizer


Chefs Chad Kelley especially likes this meat tenderizer for its compact size that easily fits into kitchen drawers.

“I use this every week when I make grilled chicken teriyaki,” Kelley says. “I clean off any excess fat and then tenderize it before adding it to a plastic bag with the marinade.”

He notes that a meat tenderizer can help make meat more tender and allow it to marinate better.

“I’m not really tenderizing the thigh meat as much as I’m creating space that the marinade can then fill and help flavor the chicken faster,” Kelley says. “It’s really a simple tool that can take grilled chicken thighs to the next level.”

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