George Santos’ Awkward Fox News Interview With Tulsi Gabbard

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Republican congressman-elect George Santos tried to explain away a number of lies about his professional and personal life during a Fox News interview with Tulsi Gabbard on Tuesday—but the network rookie and former Democrat refused to let him off the hook.

Gabbard, as guest host of Tucker Carlson Tonightsounded completely unsympathetic after Santos admitted to making “a mistake.”

“Humans are flawed and we all make mistakes,” he added.

“If I were one of those in New York’s third district right now,” Gabbard said, “and I’m finding out all of these lies that you’ve been told — not just one little lie or one little embellishment. These are blatant lies. My question is: Do you have no shame? Do you have no shame [regarding] the people you are asking to trust you to be their voice for them, their families and kids in Washington?”

“I can say the same thing about the Democrats and [that] party,” Santos replied. “Joe Biden has been lying to the American people for forty years. He is the president of the United States. Democrats resoundingly supported him. Do they have no shame?”

“This is not about the Democratic Party, though,” responded Gabbard, whose employer originally didn’t bring much attention to Santos’ fabrications before landing Tuesday’s interview. She later asked Santos whether anything he said from now on should be trusted.

“Look, I agree with what you are saying. And as I stated, and I continue: we can debate my resume and how I worked with firms such as Goldman [Sachs] and Citigroup.”

“Is it debatable or is it just false?” Gabbard pressed.

“No, it’s not false at all. It’s debatable. I can sit down and explain to you what you can do in private equity…and we can have this discussion that’s going to go way above the American people’s head,” Santos asserted, surprising Gabbard.

“You just kind of highlighted my concern and I think the concern that people at home have. You’re saying that this discussion will go way above the heads of the American people, basically insulting their intelligence,” Gabbard said.

“That’s not what I am saying,” Santos insisted before detailing his supposed job duties while working with those two firms.

“This isn’t a made-up narrative. But I feel like nobody really wants to sit down and talk about it. Everybody just wants to push me and call me a liar.”

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