Instagram notifications button position tweak prompts complaints from users

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Instagram just can’t seem to get enough of playing around with the positions of its home screen buttons. After an update last year which brought the Reels button to the center of the bottom tab, the social platform has changed its mind about the layout again.

The new post button is back in its original position at the center of the bottom tab and the notifications button has been replaced by the Reels button. It’s all rather confusing, and the tweaks have prompted a bunch of complaints from disgruntled users.

Users are grumbling that since the Reels button is now where the notifications button formerly rested, they keep firing up Reels accidentally. Some have even speculated that the change is a ploy to increase engagement on Instagram’s short-form videos.

The notifications button has now been moved to the top, on the left of the DMs button. While Instagram’s reasoning behind the change is unclear, placing DMs and notifications together makes sense since they are the only two buttons on the Instagram home screen that display red badges. But it’s still going to take some getting used to before misfires are put behind us.

Instagram previously announced that its live shopping feature will be discontinued on March 16, explaining the move as a way to help it focus on core features. Shops will not be able to tag products during live streams from that day on. The announcement followed yet another recent home screen layout tweak where the shopping tab was removed.

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