Lacey Chabert Shares How She Feels About Hallmark After Candace Cameron Bure Called It A ‘Completely Different Network’

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There’s been a lot of commentary about Hallmark and GAF ​​this holiday season. This is partially because both cable networks have competing Christmas films airing. It’s partially because GAF’s stars largely came from the Hallmark pool. Finally, it’s also happening because Candace Cameron Bure made some vocal comments about her new network’s “traditional marriage” focus and how her former home feels like a “completely different network” after the exit of head honcho Bill Abbott. This spurred a bit of controversy online, and now fellow Christmas star Lacey Chabert has been asked about how she feels.

Lacey Chabert has been a mainstay at Hallmark for a long time, ever since Elevator Girl: 49 hit the network back in 2010. Over the years, she and Candace Cameron Bure were both involved in the channel’s Christmas movies schedule of programming and have been friendly on social media, even after Bure’s exit news broke. So, when Chabert was asked about the brouhaha surrounding comments Bure made earlier this year, it’s not a huge surprise that she focused on her own feelings surrounding the network.

Any shift I’ve felt has been embracing our creative ideas. And it’s my responsibility to the audience who continue to tune into my movies that I give the best I have to offer. That’s always my mission. I’ll never abandon what Hallmark means to me, which is that everything is centered around the heart. I don’t think there are any plans for that to change anytime soon.

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